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State-of-the-art LSTM solutions to known datasets

I've seen that many ML datasets have competitions (like imageNet). I've been looking for some kind of competition or state-of-the-art LSTM solutions for The Airline Passengers dataset but all I can ...
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Where can I find genuine attempts at Artificial General Intelligence?

I'm a curious researcher attempting to dive into Artificial General Intelligence, which I acknowledge is really poorly defined. After some searching, all I can really find about Artificial General ...
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State of the Art Models for House Pricing task

Currently for my master thesis I'm working on a ML model to evaluate the price of some real estate assets. I'm trying to better understand the current state of the art of this kind of regression ...
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Best way to store "small" data

I have a small dataset consisting of around 200 measurements of different light sources. The light is measured with a broadband and an IR diode, and the resulting voltage is sampled it with 4 ...
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Backpropagation simple question [closed]

I have a few doubts in backpropagation.... 1.) My first doubt is that we can write the cost function as all the neural elements involved from all layers and then we can differentiate with respect to ...
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Current state of art approaches in generating features based on other available features and items

I am about to do a project that is about generating texts for missing entries that are related to some object (using information about other available entries related to the same object and ...
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Is it possible to make an machine learning algorithm, that can outperform humans in complex games with current technology?

Would a company like OpenAi, it the "average" person be able to make a bot, using machine learning, that can outperform the best e-sport players in complex games, like PubG, with the technology we ...
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Which of the NIPS 2014 papers are most significant, and why?

As a newcomer to the field, I find many of the NIPS 2014 papers fascinating, but it is difficult for me to evaluate which ones represent real progress over current approaches. Which papers do you ...
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Possibility of working on KDDCup data in local system

I'm trying to apply classification algorithms to KDD Cup 2012 track2 data using R It seems not possible to work with this 10GB training data on my local ...
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Is FPGrowth still considered "state of the art" in frequent pattern mining?

As far as I know the development of algorithms to solve the Frequent Pattern Mining (FPM) problem, the road of improvements have some main checkpoints. Firstly, the Apriori algorithm was proposed in ...
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Are Support Vector Machines still considered "state of the art" in their niche?

This question is in response to a comment I saw on another question. The comment was regarding the Machine Learning course syllabus on Coursera, and along the lines of "SVMs are not used so much ...
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