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Stemming is a Natural Language process where words are reduced to their root by removing, usually the suffix.

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2 answers

Python stemmer for Georgian

I am currently working with Georgian texts processing. Does anybody know any stemmers/lemmatizers (or other NLP tools) for Georgian that I could use with Python. Thanks in advance!
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How does Snowball Stemmer work?

I have been reading about Snowball Stemmer. I wonder how does it work? Does it use rules to stem word or does it use machine learning to do that? I checked but could not find the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to resolve country and nationality entities?

I've tried stemming and lemmatization on this but nothing has quite worked so far. How can I resolve country name and nationality as a singular entity? For example: Canada and Canadian should just ...
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Is there a good German Stemmer?

What I tried: ...
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