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Questions tagged [structural-equation-modelling]

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Question regarding coefficents regarding linear modeling in R

I had a question regarding the composition of coefficents of a linear model in R. Let's say my model is as follows, with three columns/independent variables: X, Y, and Z. And my model is: (X * Z) + (Y ...
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Suitable modelling approach to incorporate different signals

I am working with data in the form of content that is being reviewed to decide if it violates the policy standards or not. In the review process there are several methods to increase the chances of ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Linear regression with a fixed intercept and everything is in log

I have a set of values for a surface (in pixels) that becomes bigger over time (exponentially). The surface consists of cells that divide over time. After doing some modelling, I came up with the ...
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Solve an equation using machine learning [closed]

Imagine we have the following equation: y=xz. We have y but not other ones. Note that y is like a matrix and we could as many sample we want. It is the values obtained from sensors. This means it ...
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SEM (Structural Equation Modelling) with Exploratory Factor Analysis

Problem Statement: I need to do some Structural Equation Modelling at work to get the main factors in a marketing survey data-set. There are no assumed equations to perform SEM on so what would be ...
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