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Why are images, audio/video clips, text regarded as unstructured data?

Tabular data is regarded as structured data, while other data types such as images, audio, video, text are regarded as unstructured data. I am confused that, taking images as an example, they are just ...
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Using LLMs for structured data?

I've been trying to work with structured data in language models, and it's proving to be quite challenging. I'm confident that with Langchain, I should be able to solve the problem, but I'm not ...
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How can GPT4 be used to create structured meta-data for unstructured data?

I often ingest unstructured datasets in Excel format, create meta-data, and transform the data in R to create a structured dataset. This includes normalization, so that there is little redundancy in ...
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Tips for scraping crypto data in the right way

I am scraping data from crypto site and want to use neural network algorithm for predicting data. the way i save data is like these: and there is bunch of other features like open/high/low/close for ...
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How can deep learning be applied to association rule mining?

Association rule mining is considered to be an old technique of AI. Rules are mined on statistical support. How can deep learning be applied to this? What are approaches for structured data (in a ...
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Is it possible to use structured(tabular) data as a reinforcement learning environment?

I want to do an RL project in which the agent will learn to drop duplicates in a tabular data. But I couldn't find any examples of RL being used that way - checked the RL based recommendation systems ...
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How to structure unstructured data

I am analysing tweets and have collected them in an unstructured format. What is the best way to structure this data so I can begin the data mining processes? Somebody suggested using python packages ...
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How do I discern document structure from differently-tagged XML documents?

I have a body of PDF documents of differing vintage. Our group had exported the documents as text to feed them into a natural-language parser (I think) to pull out subject-verb-predicate triples. ...
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Heterogeneous clustering with text data

I have a dataset which consists of multiple user ratings. Each rating looks similarly to: ...
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What are the best practises to decide whether a variable is categorical?

What are some of the systematic ways to categorise variables into categorical or numeric? I believe using only intuition in such scenarios can many-a-times lead to major irreversible errors. What are ...
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Convert natural language text to structured data

Convert natural language text to structured data. I'm developing a bot to help user assist in identifying Apparels. The problem is to convert natural language text to structured data (list of ...
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Are CNNs applicable on structured data?

I can use CNN to classify MNIST images, but I don't know whether CNNs are applicable on iris data as well? If not, why?
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