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Multilingual sentence generation with Hugging Face

For an application I need to generate some random sentences, i.e. I don't need the output sentences to have any specific link to the prompt other than using the same language. If possible I need this ...
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Huggingface not saving model checkpoint

I am trying to train T5 model. This is how my training arguments look like: ...
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Passing target text to gpt2 and T5 for fine tuning to learn text generation task

I have text with each line in following format: <text-1> some text-1 <text-2> some text-2 <text-3> some text-3 I want fine tune model to learn ...
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2 answers

How to prepare my dataset for T5?

I want to use T5 to do sentiment analysis on IMDB dataset. My dataset is of the following format: ...