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How to work with hundreds of CSVs with millions of rows in each?

So I'm doing a project on the COVID-19 Tweets dataset from the IEEE port and I plan to analyse the tweets over the time period from March 2020 till date. The thing is there's more than 300 CSVs for ...
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LIterature on query generation from a labelled document term matrix

I have a labelled dataset of relevant and non-relevant documents for which I built a boolean document term matrix. I am trying to develop an algorithm which given this input would create a text-based ...
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2 answers

Python library to detect a bank/financial institution name in a string

I would like to extract bank names from a given text like wells Fargo, there a python library for this? I know there is entity tagger in space and flair but they only identify the entity (...
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How to apply multiple filter in Data Frame? [closed]

How to implement multiple filters for checking data cell in a range ? Suppose, I have a list of numbers like, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

NLP - Paraphrase extraction in Python

I am trying to develop a NLP model, which takes something like you have high levels of cholesterol(this will be a tag) as input and has to output something like <...
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3 votes
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Method to assess text credibility

I am searching for an automated method (ideally a python package) that produces a score to assess the credibility of a given text (e.g. from a webpage). I am not searching for: text complexity ...
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Identifying specific words in text

Let's say I have the following text" Is that another kitten playing in the shoes in the top right? I would like my code to extract kitten from that text. Is ...
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1 answer

How does GlobalMaxPooling work on the output of Conv1D?

In the field of text classification, it is common to use Conv1D filters running over word embeddings and then getting a single value on the output for each filter using GlobalMaxPooling1D. As I ...
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Tokenize text with both American and English words

I need to tokenize a corpus of abstracts from an international conference. The abstracts are usually American English but sometimes British English. Consequently, I get 2 tokens for “organization” ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Check similarity of table/csv of Product Names

We've got a list of approximately 18,000 product names (they're from 80-90 sources, so quite a few that are similar but not duplicates - these were picked as DISTINCT from a table) unfortunately there ...
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Is there a process flow to follow for text analytics?

I am trying to draw a process flow (like a template) to be followed while on text analysis projects. So far, I've come up with this. Text Analytics Steps Data Collection Acquire data Convert data ...
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