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Questions tagged [twitter]

Twitter is a large social media platform that allows users to share short (280 character) text posts (Tweets) with other users across the platform. Topics include those from Natural Language Processing (NLP) including text data, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, text summarization/extraction, social media language models, etc.

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Alternatives to twitter for large daily or weekly samples for sentiment analysis

Twitter, with their API, including the free tier, has been a go-to source for collecting large samples of texts expressing sentiment on various topics of interest. I just started a project in December ...
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Hashtag-based Tweet similarity

I have a big dataset consisting of tweets including hashtags and I want to build a hashtag-based similarity engine to get the most similar tweets given a set of hashtags. In the end I would like to ...
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Recognizing emerging topic within ongoing topic

I have been collecting a large amount of tweets from Twitter for a few weeks related to a series of specific keywords, and would like to address a specific problem. Say I collected all tweets ...
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How do work around Kmeans value error?

I am working on a social network analysis project. My data comes from twitter. Before I run the analysis, I intend to apply clustering- specifically Kmeans to determine how to seperate tweets in ...
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I keep getting an error message in R while using twitteR

here is what I am doing: tweets=searchTwitter("walmart",n=3000, lang="en",since="2021-01-08",until="2021-01-10") And this ...
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Reading and Processing twitter network data

I have this big data collected from here. So what I would like to asks are How to perform file I/O with the file? From the download like it was mentioned that it used .tsv format, but after ...
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