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Partial correlation coefficient - where is it used?

Recently I've learnt about something called partial correlation coefficient (denoted as $\rho_{i,j|1...i,j...n}$ or in short, say $\rho_{i,j}$), which is like Pearson correlation between variables $...
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ML/AI - current algorithm landscape

ML spans a wide assortment of supervised models (k-nearest neighbours, random forests, Naive Bayes, logistic regression, support vector machines, neural networks) and unsupervised models (k-means, ...
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How can a complex function be approximated using deep learning?

The insurance company I work for has a computationally intensive process to estimate future earnings based on tables of assumptions regarding price and probability of cancelation. I would like to ...
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How to increase sales and revenue of a Client?

I was asked this in an interview for a Data Scientist position: Lets say Holland and Barret came to you and said they'd like to increase their sales and revenue. How will you go about it? My answer ...
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Usecases for supplier payment [closed]

can anyone help me in finding website or blogs for best data science use case in Supplier payment Thank you in advance
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Where to get the Datascience Use cases for practice [duplicate]

I just started learning data science. I have gone through some of the courses in coursera & udemy, now i want to practice what i have learned. What i want to know is from where can i get the Use ...
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If I have got different routes - a series of (lat, lng) points, how to get the similarity of different routes?

It is a real world use case. For example, a route from place A to place B can be different series of lat, lng points - the different trips though they are exactly the same sequence from Street x and ...
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Do you have any real example of Data Science reports?

I recently found this use cases on Kaggle for Data Science and Data Analytics. Data Science Use Cases However, I am curious to find examples and case studies of real reports from other professionals ...
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Big data case study or use case example

I have read lot of blogs\article on how different type of industries are using Big Data Analytic. But most of these article fails to mention What kinda data these companies used. What was the size of ...
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What are the most popular data science application use cases for consumer web companies

The most popular use case seem to be recommender systems of different kinds (such as recommending shopping items, users in social networks etc.). But what are other typical data science applications, ...
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