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VC Dimensions in Machine Learning

Hello I'm learning about VC dimensions in machine learning. The class of classifiers $H$ where $h \in H$ if $h \in \mathbb{R} \rightarrow \{0,1\}$ is what I believe is simply binary classifiers (with ...
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Find VC dimension

I'm studying theoretical machine learning at university, and I have this problem in textbook, that I have no Idea how to start. In space $X=R^2$ are given two models $H_1$ (rectangle with sides ...
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Intuition behind Occam's Learner Algorithm using VC-Dimension

So I'm learning about Occam's Learning algorithm and PAC-Learning where for a given hypothesis space $H$, if we want to have a model/hypothesis $h$ that has an True error of $error_D \leq \epsilon$, ...
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How to determine the VC Dimension of axis-aligned, origin-centered ellipses?

I've been trying to determine the VC dimension of ellipses which are origin centered and axis aligned. My first approach was to find some equivalence to a threshold classifier function family of the ...
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Find VC dimension of 1D data

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VC- dimension calculate

Let X = {1, 2, 3, ... , 100}. Let H be the class of all subsets of X that contain at least 20 and at most 80 elements. What is the VC-dimension of H?
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VC Dimension of a Countably Infinite Class

I know that there are many examples of classes where the VC Dimension is finite/infinite even though the size of the class is Uncountably Infinite. However, I could not argue if the VC Dimension of a ...
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Growth function of the class of all circles in the plane

I know that the VC dimension for this problem is 3. My concern is about the growth function. The following bound is obtained using the VC dimension: $$m_{\mathcal{H}}(n)\le \sum_{k=0}^3\,{n\choose k}$$...
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