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Way to copy paste notebook output table into MS tools

In my work environment I often find myself doing calculations on jupyter notebooks, then want to share the results over a MS word document. So much that I already asked how to convert jupyter ...
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Keywords extraction for business rule text classification

I would like to classify texts without using any ML model. My idea is to find a list of keywords that I would assign to each class. Then when I need to classify a new text, I can compare it with my ...
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What model should i use to extract relation between words

I want to create a ML model which would give a score from 0 to 1 which would signify the relation between them. I know about Relationship Extraction(RE) but that's more related with sentences based ...
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Machine learning algorithms for forming Homophones from input dataset word
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Machine learning algorithms for correct words formation from jumbled words Can Machine learning algorithms ...
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Searching for a dataset that targets difficult words

I am trying to find a dataset in which dataset targets words that are difficult. I understand there would be different levels of difficulty for each individual , but if we considered an average ...
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Extract editing history from Microsoft Word documents? [closed]

Is there a tool to computationally extract the editing history of a given Microsoft Word Document? I have been using Apache Tika, but can only extract the last version of the text, and meta-...
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Word Embedding for Item Names(integer, one-hot encoding)

I am looking for the way to get the similarity between two item names using integer encoding or one-hot encoding. For example, "lane connector" vs. "a truck crane". I have 100,000 ...
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Replacing words by numbers in multiple columns of a data frame in R

I want to replace the values in a data set (sample in the picture) using numbers instead of words, e.g., 1 instead of D, ...
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Use pretrained word vectors over custom trained word2vecs

Currently i'm working on a sentiment analysis research project using LSTM networks. As the input I convert sentences into set of vectors using word2vec. And there are some well pretrained word ...
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How can I get semantic word embneddings for compound terms?

I need to build semantic word embeddings representation of compound terms like "electronic engineer" or "microsoft excel". One approach would be to use a standard pretrained model an average the words ...
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