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Questions tagged [xgboost-classifier]

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a few records for training, and one record after training

I try to make some credit score task. I stuck in conceputal problem. There is: train_data (62 columns, 10339239 rows, 1250000 unique ID values [0 - 1249999]([min-max] ID values)) test_data (62 ...
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Making ML Model (XGBoost) Output Smoother

I am using XGBoost for a classification problem. The model has multiple inputs and a probability as output. For simplicity's sake, let's say the model only has one continous input and the function to ...
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How do I automatically evaluate an objective_plot after BayesSearchCV to find the *theoretical* optimal model?

I did a hyper optimization for a XGBClassifier using BayesSearchCV. I increased the kappa ...
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