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Questions tagged [zero-shot-learning]

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Does Fine Tuning with Custom Label Build Upon the Capability of Zero Shot Classification or Does It Train from Scratch?

The task is to classify email text bodies into exclusive categories like feedback, complaint etc. I have a labelled dataset available having about 350 samples. I have tried the ...
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Zero-shot out-of-distribution text classification

I'm building out a pipeline that would allow me to filter out text based on whether or not the text belongs to any of the classes I've defined. I feel like one (albeit naive) approach would simply be ...
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Fine-tune zero-shot classification model multi-label

I started a small project where I am trying to fine-tune a zero-shot classification model on a proprietary dataset. I was thinking to use the NLI approach, building contradiction and entailment ...
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Which Python lib to use for classify data without training any model?

I want to classify data without training any model (nor using neural networks?), Should I use scikit-learn or scipy? There are also others like pytorch or keras that also have the classify method. ...
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What is zero-shot vs one-short vs few-shot learning?

Are there any papers/research work that deals with generalizing the matrix of how the *-shot(s) learning are defined? There's a wide variety of papers that titled ...
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Zero-shot learning for tabular data?

Can anyone point me to methods for zero-shot learning on tabular data? There is some very cool work being done for zero-shot learning on images and text, but I'm struggling to find work being done to ...
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