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Micro Average vs Macro average Performance in a Multiclass classification setting

I am trying out a multiclass classification setting with 3 classes. The class distribution is skewed with most of the data falling in 1 of the 3 classes. (class labels being 1,2,3, with 67.28% of the ...
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What are deconvolutional layers?

I recently read Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation by Jonathan Long, Evan Shelhamer, Trevor Darrell. I don't understand what "deconvolutional layers" do / how they work. The ...
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How to set class weights for imbalanced classes in Keras?

I know that there is a possibility in Keras with the class_weights parameter dictionary at fitting, but I couldn't find any example. Would somebody so kind to ...
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What's the difference between fit and fit_transform in scikit-learn models?

I do not understand the difference between the fit and fit_transform methods in scikit-learn. Can anybody explain simply why we ...
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Publicly Available Datasets

One of the common problems in data science is gathering data from various sources in a somehow cleaned (semi-structured) format and combining metrics from various sources for making a higher level ...
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K-Means clustering for mixed numeric and categorical data

My data set contains a number of numeric attributes and one categorical. Say, NumericAttr1, NumericAttr2, ..., NumericAttrN, CategoricalAttr, where ...
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Train/Test/Validation Set Splitting in Sklearn

How could I randomly split a data matrix and the corresponding label vector into a X_train, X_test, ...
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What is the "dying ReLU" problem in neural networks?

Referring to the Stanford course notes on Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition, a paragraph says: "Unfortunately, ReLU units can be fragile during training and can "die". For ...
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How to draw Deep learning network architecture diagrams?

I have built my model. Now I want to draw the network architecture diagram for my research paper. Example is shown below:
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Difference between isna() and isnull() in pandas

I have been using pandas for quite some time. But, I don't understand what's the difference between isna() and isnull(). And, ...
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When to use GRU over LSTM?

The key difference between a GRU and an LSTM is that a GRU has two gates (reset and update gates) whereas an LSTM has three gates (namely input, output and forget gates). Why do we make use of GRU ...
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How do you visualize neural network architectures?

When writing a paper / making a presentation about a topic which is about neural networks, one usually visualizes the networks architecture. What are good / simple ways to visualize common ...
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When to use One Hot Encoding vs LabelEncoder vs DictVectorizor?

I have been building models with categorical data for a while now and when in this situation I basically default to using scikit-learn's LabelEncoder function to transform this data prior to building ...
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The cross-entropy error function in neural networks

In the MNIST For ML Beginners they define cross-entropy as $$H_{y'} (y) := - \sum_{i} y_{i}' \log (y_i)$$ $y_i$ is the predicted probability value for class $i$ and $y_i'$ is the true probability ...
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Best python library for neural networks

I'm using Neural Networks to solve different Machine learning problems. I'm using Python and pybrain but this library is almost discontinued. Are there other good alternatives in Python?
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Why do people prefer Pandas to SQL?

I've been using SQL since 1996, so I may be biased. I've used MySQL and SQLite 3 extensively, but have also used Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The vast majority of the operations I've seen done ...
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How to get correlation between two categorical variable and a categorical variable and continuous variable?

I am building a regression model and I need to calculate the below to check for correlations Correlation between 2 Multi level categorical variables Correlation between a Multi level categorical ...
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127 votes
14 answers

Python vs R for machine learning

I'm just starting to develop a machine learning application for academic purposes. I'm currently using R and training myself in it. However, in a lot of places, I have seen people using Python. What ...
124 votes
2 answers

Training an RNN with examples of different lengths in Keras

I am trying to get started learning about RNNs and I'm using Keras. I understand the basic premise of vanilla RNN and LSTM layers, but I'm having trouble understanding a certain technical point for ...
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SVM using scikit learn runs endlessly and never completes execution

I am trying to run SVR using scikit-learn (python) on a training dataset that has 595605 rows and 5 columns (features) while the test dataset has 397070 rows. The data has been pre-processed and ...
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Why do cost functions use the square error?

I'm just getting started with some machine learning, and until now I have been dealing with linear regression over one variable. I have learnt that there is a hypothesis, which is: $h_\theta(x)=\...
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Choosing a learning rate

I'm currently working on implementing Stochastic Gradient Descent, SGD, for neural nets using back-propagation, and while I understand its purpose I have some ...
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When should I use Gini Impurity as opposed to Information Gain (Entropy)?

Can someone practically explain the rationale behind Gini impurity vs Information gain (based on Entropy)? Which metric is better to use in different scenarios while using decision trees?
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111 votes
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Backprop Through Max-Pooling Layers?

This is a small conceptual question that's been nagging me for a while: How can we back-propagate through a max-pooling layer in a neural network? I came across max-pooling layers while going through ...
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What is the positional encoding in the transformer model?

I'm trying to read and understand the paper Attention is all you need and in it, there is a picture: I don't know what positional encoding is. by listening to some youtube videos I've found out that ...
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Advantages of AUC vs standard accuracy

I was starting to look into area under curve(AUC) and am a little confused about its usefulness. When first explained to me, AUC seemed to be a great measure of performance but in my research I've ...
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ValueError: Input contains NaN, infinity or a value too large for dtype('float32')

I got ValueError when predicting test data using a RandomForest model. My code: ...
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12 answers

How big is big data?

Lots of people use the term big data in a rather commercial way, as a means of indicating that large datasets are involved in the computation, and therefore potential solutions must have good ...
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7 answers

In supervised learning, why is it bad to have correlated features?

I read somewhere that if we have features that are too correlated, we have to remove one, as this may worsen the model. It is clear that correlated features means that they bring the same information, ...
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When to use (He or Glorot) normal initialization over uniform init? And what are its effects with Batch Normalization?

I knew that Residual Network (ResNet) made He normal initialization popular. In ResNet, He normal initialization is used , while the first layer uses He uniform initialization. I've looked through ...
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6 answers

strings as features in decision tree/random forest

I am doing some problems on an application of decision tree/random forest. I am trying to fit a problem which has numbers as well as strings (such as country name) as features. Now the library, scikit-...
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How are 1x1 convolutions the same as a fully connected layer?

I recently read Yan LeCuns comment on 1x1 convolutions: In Convolutional Nets, there is no such thing as "fully-connected layers". There are only convolution layers with 1x1 convolution ...
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Time series prediction using ARIMA vs LSTM

The problem that I am dealing with is predicting time series values. I am looking at one time series at a time and based on for example 15% of the input data, I would like to predict its future values....
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6 answers

Cosine similarity versus dot product as distance metrics

It looks like the cosine similarity of two features is just their dot product scaled by the product of their magnitudes. When does cosine similarity make a better distance metric than the dot product? ...
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What is the difference between "equivariant to translation" and "invariant to translation"

I'm having trouble understanding the difference between equivariant to translation and invariant to translation. In the book Deep Learning. MIT Press, 2016 (I. Goodfellow, A. Courville, and Y. Bengio)...
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GBM vs XGBOOST? Key differences?

I am trying to understand the key differences between GBM and XGBOOST. I tried to google it, but could not find any good answers explaining the differences between the two algorithms and why xgboost ...
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Data scientist vs machine learning engineer

What are the differences, if any, between a "data scientist" and a "machine learning engineer"? Over the past year or so "machine learning engineer" has started to show up a lot in job postings. ...
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6 answers

What is the difference between Gradient Descent and Stochastic Gradient Descent?

What is the difference between Gradient Descent and Stochastic Gradient Descent? I am not very familiar with these, can you describe the difference with a short example?
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10 answers

How to clone Python working environment on another machine?

I developed a machine learning model with Python (Anaconda + Flask) on my workstation and all goes well. Later, I tried to ship this program onto another machine where of course I tried to set up the ...
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Convert a list of lists into a Pandas Dataframe

I am trying to convert a list of lists which looks like the following into a Pandas Dataframe ...
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6 answers

Cross-entropy loss explanation

Suppose I build a neural network for classification. The last layer is a dense layer with Softmax activation. I have five different classes to classify. Suppose for a single training example, the <...
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Open source Anomaly Detection in Python

Problem Background: I am working on a project that involves log files similar to those found in the IT monitoring space (to my best understanding of IT space). These log files are time-series data, ...
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What is purpose of the [CLS] token and why is its encoding output important?

I am reading this article on how to use BERT by Jay Alammar and I understand things up until: For sentence classification, we’re only only interested in BERT’s output for the [CLS] token, so we ...
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2 answers

Are Support Vector Machines still considered "state of the art" in their niche?

This question is in response to a comment I saw on another question. The comment was regarding the Machine Learning course syllabus on Coursera, and along the lines of "SVMs are not used so much ...
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What is dimensionality reduction? What is the difference between feature selection and extraction?

From wikipedia: dimensionality reduction or dimension reduction is the process of reducing the number of random variables under consideration, and can be divided into feature selection and feature ...
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Why should the data be shuffled for machine learning tasks

In machine learning tasks it is common to shuffle data and normalize it. The purpose of normalization is clear (for having same range of feature values). But, after struggling a lot, I did not find ...
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What is the use of torch.no_grad in pytorch?

I am new to pytorch and started with this github code. I do not understand the comment in line 60-61 in the code ...
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Adding Features To Time Series Model LSTM

have been reading up a bit on LSTM's and their use for time series and its been interesting but difficult at the same time. One thing I have had difficulties with understanding is the approach to ...
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What is the Q function and what is the V function in reinforcement learning?

It seems to me that the $V$ function can be easily expressed by the $Q$ function and thus the $V$ function seems to be superfluous to me. However, I'm new to reinforcement learning so I guess I got ...
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Sparse_categorical_crossentropy vs categorical_crossentropy (keras, accuracy)

Which is better for accuracy or are they the same? Of course, if you use categorical_crossentropy you use one hot encoding, and if you use ...
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