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How to impute and aggregate data with ID variant variables for predictive modeling?

This sounds like you're having issues grappling with relational theory. You have focused on the ID column as though it identifies an observed example. But your narrative ("multiple services")...
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How to deal with categorical disalignment in test and train in binary classification problems

This is a very common scenario, to overcome this you can use one hot encoding for your categorical variable - sklearn.preprocessing.OneHotEncoder One hot encoding ...
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Car Make and Model detection

For detecting the make and model of cars from images with high accuracy across a large number of classes, I would recommend a convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture tailored for fine-grained ...
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How does oversampling or undersampling approch is going to help during the testing on real time data?

The key here is how you define "help" regarding the measurement of performance. Oversampling/undersampling may not help increasing accuracy. However, it may help increase other performance ...
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Employee Attrition - Binary Classification - Predicting leavers

I don't have a ready answer, but I come up with some ideas that may help you approach this problem. As I understood, the main difficulty in treating it as a binary classification of this data is that ...
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Preferred approaches for imbalanced data

I think it depends on the size of your data and the predictive power of your features, what your reference optimization metric is and data quality. Using class weights or resampling would increase ...
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What methods do top Kagglers employ for score gain?

There are many methods that can be employed to increase your score on a Kaggle competition. Here are a few examples: Advanced classification techniques: Using advanced classification techniques such ...
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What methods do top Kagglers employ for score gain?

Top Kagglers often employ a combination of traditional machine learning techniques and creative, out-of-the-box strategies to gain an edge in competitions. Here are some techniques: 1. Ensemble ...
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Interactive Tree Builder

The link you sent seems to be old/outdated documentation. This is the latest up-to-date version of Orange: You can download it here:
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Why the order of the fearures affects synapse LightGBM predictions?

the order of the features ... affect the predictions of the model LightGBM's model representation refers to features by their positional index. When passing in data to generate predictions, that data ...
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Decision boundary in a classification task

First of all, the plot in the question does not look correct to me. This is what I would get when I perform the same calculation: There, on the left the small markers show the plane in "3D" ...
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