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What may cause the CNN layer weight regularizer to reduce the model accuracy

In general, I stumbled across voices in literature that we shouldn't use dropout with such a big parameter for shallow networks, as it can violate their capabilities. Example: Piotrowski, A. P., ...
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Why Relu is correct for CNN?

Welcome to the DataScience stack exchange. ReLu is not "correct" or "incorrect" but it is just one of several popular choices for a nonlinearity in neural networks. It sounds like ...
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Converting a Standard LSTM RNN over to a Transformer Model

With a bit of elastic net, dynamic gradient clipping and adjustments to the transformer model build training is progressing nicely now. Here is the build that fixed it: ...
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Adding multi-image context to a CNN

You can perform individual image classification using as input the whole set of related images as well. In order to do this, your initial input will be some 3d array of stacked 256x256 matrices and ...
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