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MNIST data shape

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) typically require 3D (28 * 28 * 1) images rather than 2D (28 * 28) because they are designed to work with images that have spatial information across multiple ...
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how to include context / additional information in a NN

You can put an additional neuron in the first layer, but since you are using a CNN, it feels more natural to include this additional info via a neuron closer to the output of your network. ...
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how to include context / additional information in a NN

what about an additional neuron in the 1st layer Yes, that's a sensible approach. But you probably want to take those values, {marine, fresh, unknown}, and one-hot encode them. Think of it as ...
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How will weights learn in CNN for multi class classification?

The learning happens as the weights are adjusted to minimize a loss function. In case of multiclass classification the output is C numbers where ...
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