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I have some topics from python out of which I want to know the one which actually needs to be studied for data science roles specifically

Based on my experience, all of these topics will be important at some point during your data science journey. A lot data science involves manipulating data and getting it into a usable format which ...
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Feature Engineering a Recency feature

I think an exponential decay or RBF feature would map close dates towards 1.0, and distant dates to smaller values (approaching zero in the limit). In particular, consider this formulation: $\mathrm{...
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How to analyze time series data and create time series model in Python?

What if our dataset is multivariate (combination of categorical, numerical, date columns)? How can we analyze and understand the data [...]? This is a typical case in machine learning where there are ...
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How to measure different models' feature importance using a generic and common standard?

Permutation importance is a relatively simply model-agnostic approach. You train and score a model the usual way to get a reference score. Then you take each feature in turn, and score the model after ...
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I need suggestion for a project

You can just use a single date like the beginning or end of the month to represent each month value. An example of this is done here: Catfish Monthly Sales Prediction I'm not sure how to to model ...
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