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Whats the best statistical metric for two sets of correlated data?

One option is calculating the percent of blue not covered by red. The lower the number, the better the GAN.
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Azure Devops for Data Science

It really depends on the size and structure of your team, as well as how your projects are organized. Personally, I prefer to start with one project and one repository and break up the projects into ...
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How to find correlation between features and labels when features are unordered words?

Remember that we can square correlation, and the squared Pearson correlation between two variables is equal to the $R^2$ of the ordinary least squares simple linear regression of either variable on ...
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Split dataset into Train/Validation/Test for Object Detection

One approach can be to start with splitting the dataset by classes, having the same number of records in each one, because that is your requirement for the final splits. Then split each class part ...
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How do you Specify which Columns Pandas reads in?

As can be seen in the pandas documentation, this can be done using the usecols keyword: usecols: list-like or callable, ...
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What is the name for 'cheating' with data, i.e. letting machine learning models use out-of-sample data?

I found the word: data snooping

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