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How should I plot 2D data as 3D plot?

What your boss means by 'split x-axis' is not clear for me either. Might be best to ask that person. Will your datapoints be like $\left(X,\,Y,\,Z\right)=\left(10, \,0,\,20\right)$, $\left(20,\,10,\,...
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Open retail/ecommerce dataset with customers, transactions, products, loyalty, discounts, promotion information?

Have you looked at: Kaggle - Brazillian e-Commerce dataset . It has customer data. With feature engineering effort, you can produce a 360 dataset. Infact, I think there is a kernel on it.
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How to solve a non-linear system, in Python, with the GAUSS-NEWTON algorithm? (Jacobian matrix J, etc.)

Python mathematical libraries numpy and scipy have routines for solving systems of linear equations: ...
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Should I apply the same data transformations in production for my classification model's inference steps

Should I use the same scaler() I used in training during my inference? Yes, the data that is coming into your model in production should go through the same transformations as the data you used to ...
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How to deal with high data volumes? (Tools, techniques, concepts, etc.)

As it was mentioned, you can use your memory several times more efficiently using other tools (numpy, Redis, C++, R / data.table, etc), but after that you will still hit your laptop RAM limit and then ...
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How to deal with high data volumes? (Tools, techniques, concepts, etc.)

The fastest data structures in Python are sets. They are low-level structures, and you can manage your data quickly. To avoid using too much RAM, you can build them progressively with a CSV with a ...
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Loading Data with column Headers

I have three answers: it is not directly possible (I guess, copying the labels from the one file into the csv file doesn't count, no?!) Well, it is possible but I doubt that it's worth the effort: ...
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