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Animal population dataset

You can find below some datasets looking at animal populations, focusing on endangered species. I hope you find some of these useful. Number of Species in Each IUCN Red List Category A dataset ...
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How to save API data into CSV format?

You can also do this in bash. For example, if your CSV file is a list of queries for the API eg query1 query2 ...
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Currency Normalization for Salary Prediction

The same skill-set wouldn't give the same salary in different countries because of difference in the living standard. So what I would do is convert the salaries into a common currency, but using the ...
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Training Neural Network using TensorFlow on Large Video Dataset for Human Activity Recognition

At an early stage, you don't have to use all the data, but rather build a first model with a reasonable amount of data (ex: 4Gb) for 3 reasons: 1- The learning time is much shorter, so you can apply a ...
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How can I create new dataset maintaining the same trend from an existing dataset?

You are looking for a generative models. Generative models are typically trained to create "similar" data without plainly copying it. These days, generative Models create astonishing results,...
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How can I create new dataset maintaining the same trend from an existing dataset?

I am guessing you are hinting that you want new data where the relationship between columns is maintained (otherwise it would be easy just to create semi-random data using the values already seen). If ...
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Why are variables of train and test data defined using the capital letter (in Python)?

To understand when to use lowercase or uppercase, we need to know what is represented in X_train or X_test. It is a capital ...

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