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Struggling with normalization/Standardisation for machine learning dataset

Random Forest doesn’t care about the scale of your {age, salary} features, as it will choose appropriate breakpoints no matter what scale they’re on. Might as well feed it Z scores anyway, assuming it’...
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How much data are sufficient to train my machine learning model?

The "Rule of Ten" might work okay for some problems (e.g. linear, or a known functional form). This is NOT a general rule. All we need is one counter-example to show that this is not a ...
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Public Email Classification Dataset but not Spam vs Ham

If I am understanding correctly, you want to create a model that takes an email body and assigns some probability to a pre-specified set of classes (feedback, complaint, lost and found, etc.) ...
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Trying to convert a .txt file into .npy file to split and use for train/validation/test

import numpy as np file_path = 'data.txt' data = np.loadtxt(file_path)
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Generating synthetic data based off existing real data (in Python)

Why not work in the frequency domain? Take a Fourier transform of your real data and then independently perturb the resultant individual sine waves by increasing/decreasing the amplitudes by a small ...
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How to Balance Dataset extracted using image_dataset_from_directory

You can not do that directly with image_dataset_from_directory since this function is only designed to produce a dataset from your files. However, you can transform ...
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