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Feature Engineering a Recency feature

I think an exponential decay or RBF feature would map close dates towards 1.0, and distant dates to smaller values (approaching zero in the limit). In particular, consider this formulation: $\mathrm{...
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how to handle a variable number of feature-values (1:many) without one-hot

however there is no particular order to the feature values That's fine. Just arbitrarily impose one. Lexically ordering them would probably be simplest. Or pre-process your training data to assign ...
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Using training data that requires manual interpretation

There are many cases where creating labels is expensive and time consuming. For that reason, there exist multiple approaches for that case. In the following, I give a brief overview of some techniques....
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How do I give weight to recent time points when predicting another closeby time point?

I think the core idea of neural networks is that they find these weights by themselves. If you want the model to have certain properties with these weights, you should start with a statistical model ...
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