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Correct order of preprocessing/EDA/feature engineering?

I think you will find an answer to your questions in this paper: Biswas, S., Wardat, M., & Rajan, H. (2022, May). The art and practice of data science pipelines: A comprehensive study of data ...
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Is there a standard data science workflow/decision tree?

David Robinson uploaded dozens of such analyses to youtube, as recordings of his screen while doing the analysis. Here is the link to the playlist. These come from "Tidy Tuesday" (see the ...
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How do I use ML models to estimate current stress level based on past data?

Yes, both these scenarios are different. Estimating Current Stress level - Your target variable here is stress level and features are heart rate and blood pressure. In order to estimate current ...
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Preprocessing vs Data Engineering vs Feature Engineering

I asked your question to the Data Engineer Consultant GPT to get this answer: Your challenge in categorizing methods of data preparation into Preprocessing, Data Engineering, and Feature Engineering ...
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