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Is it valid to use Spark's StandardScaler on sparse input?

The default for the parameter withMean is False, so that data won't be centered, just scaled by the standard deviation(s).
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What is a good way to transform Cyclic Ordinal attributes?

Adding a code snippet to automate cyclical encoding using the open-source Python library Feature-engine: ...
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Inverse Scaling Partitioned Data

While I am not completely sure about your application and the process you are following, I am not sure what you describe is possible (at least not with the library functions). Standard scaler works by ...
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Understanding the relationship between two features

Those features appear to be not independent, knowing the values of one feature gives information about the values of another feature. One way to quantify that relationship is through rank correlation. ...
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Understanding the relationship between two features

The features have a correlation that is evident upon visual inspection. As either feature increase or decreases, the other does the same. This screams out correlation. Testing this formally could be ...
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