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How to setup and run Conda on Google Colab

Updated Instructions to install Conda on Google Colab Oct 2021 The process is much simpler with condacolab python library Steps Import ...
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How to setup and run Conda on Google Colab

Found a way to get Miniconda working in Google colab. For now, use source activate, not conda activate in the 2nd cell. Still working out the bugs with using conda to activate. Full Notebook demo here:...
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Joining tables from different locations in Bigquery

You cannot join two tables from different datasets that are in different locations. As an alternative solution, you can copy datasets between regions using ...
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How many images can be trained in Google Colab?

The real problem is that you should not try to fit all your images in memory. Instead, you should small groups of images, normally called "minibatches", which can fit in the GPU/CPU memory. ...
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Joining tables from different locations in Bigquery

Too late to answer but writing here for future reference. You cannot query data from multiple different locations at the same time. The alternate solution is as below: Query the data from Location-1 ...
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How do I change the location of Google BigQuery

Based on my experience with how finicky CSV can be, I strongly suspect an encoding problem. A lot of CSV readers simply throw-away the data if they encounter illegal characters or when they can't ...
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