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What is a good statistical test to determine which game he is better at? I think Chi-Square test. Does that make sense? Compute the number of time he won and number he lost for Football and ascertain proportion for winning cases. Do this procedure for basketball too. Proceed with t-test for knowing whether there is significant difference between two ...


A simple groupby will help to analyse the dataset better: lis=['win','COMP'] df.groupby(lis)["GAME"].value_counts().unstack() Output Countplot will be able to show wins vary by Game or competitiveness ax=sns.countplot(x="win",hue="COMP",data=df) ax=sns.countplot(x="win",hue="GAME",data=df) Plot Chi Square ...


GraphBLAS: graph algorithms in the language of linear algebra There has been a lot of radical innovation in 2017-2020 in terms of distributed and parallel graph algorithms. GraphBLAS itself provides the building blocks for creating more advanced algorithms. If you want more sophisticated algorithms, like PageRank and ConnectedCompoments, you can check out ...


Try install through anaconda prompt and the following path conda install -c conda-forge r-mnormt Then install qgraph one more time

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