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Can GridSearchCV be used for unsupervised learning?

The goal of GridSearchCV is to iterate over (hence search) all possible combinations (hence grid) of hyper parameters and evaluate a model on a cross-validation (...
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Grid_search (RandomizedSearchCV) extremely slow with SVM (SVC)

It looks like your current approach is taking a long time because you are trying to search a large space of hyperparameters. One way to make the hyperparameter search more efficient is to use a ...
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How to determine which combinations of parameters to include in GridSearchCV

There is no go-to when it comes to hyperparameter selection for the GridSearchCV since each problem/dataset is different and GridSearchCV will be the one to decide which one/set of params is the best. ...
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How does GridSearchCV use Cross Validation to produce a Model's Score?

Simple Answer If you read the introduction of the Wikipedia Entry for Cross Validation you will see that Cross Validation typically builds $k$ models and averages their scores. SciKit-Learn replicates ...
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Grid-search for a multi-output regression task using Scikit-learn's API

I assume you meant GridSearchCV(estimator ..., otherwise there's no wrapping here. You'll need to supply a prefix: ...
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Grid Searching seed in randomized machine learning

It's definitely an error to select an "optimal" random seed. If performance depends a lot on the random seed, it means that the the model always overfits, i.e. the patterns used by the model ...
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Random search grid not displaying scoring metric

According to the RandomizedSearchCV and GridSearchCV documentation, I think you should set the return_train_score parameter to True, so that the ...
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