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State-of-the-art Python packages that can evaluate language similarity

GPT-based evalualtion are often mentioned as SOTA currently. E.g., one can use (paper: "G-Eval: NLG Evaluation using GPT-4 with Better Human Alignment" [...
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Why is 0.7, in general, the default value of temperature for LLMs?

1.0 is the default,neutral value. What we mean by this is setting to 1 has the (non)effect as if the next token is drawn from the soft-maxed logits without any ...
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Why does everyone use BERT in research instead of LLAMA or GPT or PaLM, etc?

Adding/complementing the other answers, BERT gives the possibility to access/obtain the embeddings of the fed input (which wasn't and still isn't the case of some other models). The embeddings are ...
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