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How to add noise to supervised (binary-classifier)?

Based on the comments and responses, it is unclear if noise is to be added to the features (some of which are categorical) or to the output preds. In case it is the former, I would strongly advice ...
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What techniques are used to analyze data drift?

One way to start is fundamental exploratory data analysis. Compare univariate, bivariate, and multivariate distributions between training data and new data. Those comparisons can be done visually, ...
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What techniques are used to analyze data drift?

It depends about what type of data are we talking: tabular, image, text... This is part of my PhD, so I am completely biased, I will suggest Explanation Shift. (I would love some feedback). It works ...
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99% accuracy in train and 96% in test is too much overfitting?

A significantly higher accuracy on the training set than the test set is generally an indication of overfitting. In your case, the difference in accuracy between the train and test sets is relatively ...
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Decision boundary of an neural network

What you assumed were thresholds appear to instead be weights on the edges from the passthrough nodes. At least, that makes the lines consistent with those in the plot. I gave some hints to the same ...
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