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Do you know this S curve's name?

From a quick search, the function you provided doesn't seem to have a particular name. Are you sure the function belongs to Sigmoidal curves? The function does not remind too much of an S-shape.
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Prediction model for marketing to prospective customers (using pandas)

First, I would ask the company if there is more information about the customer. You mentioned you have 10 original columns, which might not be enough to make a good prediction. Same goes for number of ...
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Predict time of dispatch for marketing campaign

As there are important questions to the scenario and data, I'm sharing some thoughts together with assumed answers to some questions rather than a complete solution. First of all, in sample data ...
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Predict time of dispatch for marketing campaign

I might suggest a change to your theoretical setup: It sounds like you are trying to maximize an equation f(t), where t is the time of dispatch, and f(t) is the risk adjusted chance of purchasing (as ...
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Develop a marketing look-alike profile for prospective customers

The problem is that you only have positive instances (businesses who have become a customer) but no negative instances (businesses who haven't become a customer). This prevents use of supervised ...
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Retail Store Testing

"The New Science of Retailing: How Analytics are Transforming the Supply", Book by Ananth Raman and Marshall Fisher has some very good information of data science applied to Retail. Although, they don'...
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Ideas on building models to predict the likelihood of prospects converting (making their first purchase)

In the article you cited, the author first used cluster analysis to classify the most recent vs. most inactive customers. This was then followed by running both a logistic regression and XGBClassifier ...
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Is systematic sampling a good way to fairly assess a baseline against a post experiment results group?

Yes, I think this experiment could provide you some interesting information. However, in the case you see a significant difference, you will still have the correlation $\ne$ causation problem (it can ...
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The Impact of TV Advertising on Website Traffic

If you have data about visits every hour, it would not be easy to have a precise analysis because some shows last more than 1 hour and you can't evaluate the impact of the TV ads. The only thing you ...
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Is it possible to optimize the Client Lifetime Value with Reinforcement Learning using Marketing Activities as Actions?

I believe that your general problem is a sequential problem and it could be tackled with RL or other optimization methods. As you suggested the simulator (environment) is real life therefore you ...
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Should I perform customer segmentation before performing churn prediction?

There is no direct reason to segment your customers before estimating their churn probability, unless you know of business reasons for the segments to behave in a substantially different way with ...
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From analysing their previos transactions how can I predict for what type of product is the customer more likely to take take an EMI

This problem could also be formulated as a recommendation system for your marketing department. Given the user's past purchases and the product information and payment methods, you could build a ...
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Creative Analysis - What are the possible approaches?

If you are looking to find effect of each feature on CTR then a correlation matrix can help you with it and you can do statistical test to prove it. But if you want to find hidden causes then it a ...
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How Retail Analytics Project Can Be Done?

Start by plotting some of your data in various ways in order to get more familiar with it and understand the big picture. For example plot the total amount of sales for every store, for every product, ...
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Marketing Mix Model (MMM) using XGBoost?

As far as I know, MMM are causal models with the purpose of making statistical inference. This is the standard world of econometrics, where people stick to OLS or logistic regression since results are ...
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Customer Targeting for CRM Marketing Campaign

Can you share all available columns in the data set? its hard to tell what data is there to use. Given the data you show, I would have started with some explaratory analysis: Group data per shops, ...
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In reference to Gamma Gamma spend model, is this in any way related to Pareto/NBD, BG/NBD or BG/BB model?

The Gamma-Gamma spend model assumes that the expenditure of a client is independent of the transaction behavior. Therefore, we can use this in conjunction with any CLV model. Models like Pareto/NBD ...
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