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How can I select subsets of features using neural network?

The predominant reason for performing feature selection is to redundancy in your dataset. You can think of this as features that are highly correlated and for this reason you don't need to consider ...
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hacky backprop outperforms clean backprop - Why?

I'm not sure I'm following your code, but it looks like you calculated the derivative of squared error incorrectly. It should be -2(actual - output). Maybe try this and see what happens.
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Is it possible to train a neural network to feed into a Random Forest Classifier or any other type of classifier like XGBoost or Decision Tree?

yes this is possible. It's quite common in NLP to have a pretrained model like BERT produce embeddings for you and then apply a model (random forest, support vector machine, etc.) to those embeddings ...
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Everything is classified as background by segmentation model

Your model is doing something, but not a lot. Because so many pixels in the training set are background pixels, it learns to predict mostly background pixels. There are many reasons why a model doesn'...
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WGAN generating images from the training data

I have found out that for some reason i was using the same batch for every iteration, that is why generator remembered training data ...
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Forward pass vs backward pass vs backpropagation

Forward Pass is same as Forward Propagation and Backward Pass is same as Backpropagation. Forward Pass(Forward Propagation) is to calculate a model's predictions with true values(train data), working ...
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How does seeing training batches only once influence the generalization of a neural network?

In short: You should still generate test data since train and test performance can still differ significantly. Explanation In the end, your model was just trained on a finit dataset and the risk of ...
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Benchmark Neural Networks on High-Dimensional Functions

Not an answer, but I don't have credentials to put in comments. I might be uninformed, but representative of the various functions spaces you mentioned. Those sets are defined by restriction ...
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