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You can use this code as well: s = "I need multiple ngrams" tokens = s.split(' ') res = [(tokens[i],tokens[j]) for i in range(len(tokens) -1) for j in range(i+1, len(tokens))] Output: [('I', 'need'), ('I', 'multiple'), ('I', 'ngrams'), ('need', 'multiple'), ('need', 'ngrams'), ('multiple', 'ngrams')]


You can use itertools.combinations(). For example: s = "I need multiple ngrams" s_list = s.split(" ") # Assumes you tokenize with white space. import itertools combinations = list(itertools.combinations(s_list, 2)) # the second argument ("2" in this case) is the size of the n-gram. You will get the following output: [('I', '...

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