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How to create a language translator from scratch?

Google translate itself uses Deep learning to translate sentences which can be seen here. You can translate sentences across languages for which you need two things : A large dataset which has pairs ...
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Why is the F-measure preferred for classification tasks?

The Fı-score is preferred to simple classification accuracy in order to counter the problem of imbalanced datasets; if the thing you are looking for occurs only rarely anyway then a naive classifier ...
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How does T5 model work on input and target data while transfer learning?

T5 is in fact a sequence-to-sequence model, it has an encoder that generates some hidden states representing the input and a decoder that generates the output. When you fine-tune the model you can ...
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What is the difference between batch_encode_plus() and encode_plus()

See also the huggingface documentation, but as the name suggests batch_encode_plus tokenizes a batch of (pairs of) sequences ...
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Generate sentences from keywords by adding formal word

I am also fairly new to this, but am working on the same type of problem where I have to predict the sentence based on previous data. Like you want giving X value predict y value. So, basically you ...
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Generate new sentences based on keywords

This is area of NLG . You can use template based text generation techniques, wherein you have defined structure of output text and fill in required blank areas based on keywords. This technique is ...
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