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Checking Excel I see that I also can use Excel for change the shape of the lines pressing each line of the line chart and displaying the Format Data Series also there is a another option in case the double click doesn't work: right clicking in each line and go to the final Format Data Series. There is a option ( do not confuse with the option above ) right ...


You can also use plotly's for lines chart, which provide a more interactive feeling of your lines (e.g hovering over a line will display the values at this specific point). It is highly customizable so you can play around with it. In the documentation, there is an example specific to your case.


The variations between lines in the image you have provided are usually set using color and line style properties in a programmatic plotting library (e.g. gnuplot, matplotlib in Python, etc). Specifically how to control color and style varies from program to program, but an example showing a Matplotlib plot using the Seaborn styling package is similar to the ...


It's really difficult to know with what tool they do that. but I will give my chances to R or Excel. That overlapping is automatic perform with excel just selecting the data this is the instruction-: Go to the insert section: char category and choose the 2-D Column, Style 7, Layout 16. also you can perform a "similar" plot with ggplot and the ...


This seems to be a bar chart made using Google sheets, see also this chart which was made with Google sheets:

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