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How to read html tables under multiple headers and combine them in a single pandas dataframe?

With a bit of parsing via BeautifulSoup, we can get a pandas.Dataframe using pandas.read_html() like: Code: ...
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Does MS PowerBI directly connect with Azure's ML workbench?

Yes, they can connect natively. You can manage data and then put it all in different services like it is showed next. As you can see you can use SQL database, blob storate and also PowerBI. Here you ...
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Which visualization tool should I use?

Based on your explanation, $z$ is not a parameter so your function can be simplified like this: $$f(x,y,a) = x*y*z(x)*a\text{, where } x,y \in \mathbb{Q}\cap[0,1000], a\in\{2,3\} $$ Note that $z(x)$ ...
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Power BI Show Multiple Datapoints on same Axis

I think this would be the best way to show the data. If you want to show both categories- Site and Race breakdown and if you want to show either of one you can use and replace site with Race
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Merge two data sets by date, filling in missing dates in 1st table, power bi

As mentioned in my comment, this can simply be achieved by merging the two tables using the dates column as a key and using an outer join to make sure all rows from ...
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Interactive Data Visualisations

You could give the plotlypackage a try. You basically code up the plot you want first with ggplot2 and then call ...
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Help with breaking up a column in PowerBI to make a bar chart

You need to clean up the data. Load it into the Power Query editor. Split the column with the variables by the delimiter ; now you have a lot of individual ...
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(SOLVED) Power BI, Page level filter not working with many to one relation

Posting this as an answer. Turns out the relations were set to Cross filter direction: Single on all relations (and the one from ...
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Why is my Count (distinct) not working the way I would expect it to be? PowerBI

Count distinct is a measure (aggregate function). When the measure is used in the total row, it is not summing the distinct count values about but is calculating the function in the context of all the ...
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