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How to predict what someone will order?

I think this is a problem that may be solved using distribution functions. I. The mathematical model for Y is a Bernoulli distribution. The Bernoulli distribution ...
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is Sequences, Time Series and Prediction course up to date?

You should be in good shape if it is leveraging TF 2.X. The Keras API is integrated into the 2.X versions, including sequential model definitions, eager execution, API simplification (Keras), the ...
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Do prediction intervals for Random Forest predictions are average of prediction intervals of trees being Random Forest estimators?

No, prediction intervals for Random Forest predictions are not simply the average of prediction intervals of individual trees. The reason is that Random Forest is an ensemble method, which means it ...
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How to predicting the next date with Python ML

So LinearRegression is essentially just trying to predict a line, y = mx + b. In your case, you’re feeding it y = [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9], so once you’ve fit your model, when you call predict it’s going ...
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Remove Seasonality before applying SARIMA model on weekly data?

As for SARIMA, it's definitely a good idea to take seasonality into account, but it may depend on the specifics of your data. Have you tried looking at the seasonal decomposition of your time series? ...
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