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How to predict Total Hours needed with List as Input?

Based on the problem you described, it sounds like you want to predict the total hours needed for a given set of work orders on a new car (Car 3) based on historical data. Since you want to predict a ...
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NLP vs Keyword-Search. which one is the best?

Any a priori answer would be pure speculation. To answer such a question, I recommend you prepare a test set with sentences and annotated keywords, and test both your NLP model and the simple list-...
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Predicting probability of reaching a milestone -- How much data should I use from production universe to train/test model?

You can use 100% of the data. The more data you feed to the model, the more accurate the prediction is going to be. If you have only two features - time and live production data, 30k records is not ...
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Customizing Collaborative Filtering for Product Affinity

About product rating There are two types of feedback (rating) in CF, one is Explicit, and another is Implicit Explicit: users specify how much they liked Implicit: if a user by a product, the system ...
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