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Is there a standard order of operations for data preparation?

It depends on the context. Your order of steps is fairly standard. One option is to treat the order of processing steps as a hyperparameter. Then see if different orders can improve model performance, ...
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How can someone build a dataset for a "propensity to purchase" model?

This is a long post with many questions, but I will try my best to answer. Let's start with the terminology: when we say "propensity model", usually we mean predicting future events (e.g. ...
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Scaling and handling highly correlated features in tabular data for regression

PV3 is highly correlated with a number of other variables. It can be dropped to avoid multiple interactions.pv6 has positive and negative correlations. It is desirable to remove it in the light of ...
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How can I know the best number of features to use?

I would recomend reading (Feature Engineering and Selection: A Practical Approach for Predictive Models). Intuitively, I would say that adding relevant and informative features to a model can help it ...

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