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Is probabilities mean of predicted class (RandomForest) a consistent estimator of class recall?

Unfortunately this doesn't work. To understand why, let's think about the perfect classifier and the maximally wrong classifier. The perfect classifier has 100% recall on any given class. If there are ...
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Is probabilities mean of predicted class (RandomForest) a consistent estimator of class recall?

This does not make sense. When you predict the probability, there is not the sense of being right or wrong like there is when you predict a category. Therefore, there is not a notion of recall, let ...
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Edit friendly DDPM noise space

Equation 2 refers to creating $x_t$ from $x_0$. In the proposed method, each $x_t$ was generated from $x_0$ by sampling a random noise, i.e.: $\\x_1 = \sqrt{\bar{\alpha_1}}\cdot x_0 + \sqrt(1-\bar{\...
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Fitting users' reports with joint time-semantic model

What about using a Bayesian Classifier? Define as many features as you need. I mean, inner definitions of the data you want to study: ...
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Intuition behind this bayesian probability?

Let's think of population of 1000 people. According to the setting, there is only one sick person and 999 healthy people. Let's assume the very likely case where the person who has the disease is ...
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Negative Log Likelihood of a Gaussian Model can be negative?

You aren't missing anything. The negative log-likelihood of any distribution can be negative. In the case of the negative log-likelihood for a Gaussian random variable, this occurs when the function ...
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Probability Distributions

Probability and statistics form the basis for a lot of the classical Machine Learning algorithms. Apart from that, a Data Scientist or a Statistician uses probability directly in the following areas: ...
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What does maximize average log probability mean?

This formula does not mazimize anything. You have to maximize it, usually with gradient descent.
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