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Counting Number of Holes in an Image of Cheese

The number of holes detected would be limited to the number of holes visible in the image (I mean obviously!:P). So you cannot count the holes for example at the back of the cheese since they wont be ...
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Why getting error for this very simple class?

Try turning __int__ to __init__.
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Any Interface/Library that can take the Python ML code and run on spark cluster without learning PySpark?

There's a library called joblib-spark that you can use to leverage a Spark cluster. It lets you take the Scikit-learn code you've written and train it in a distributed, parallel way across a Spark ...
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How to vectorize and speed-up double for-loop for pandas dataframe when doing text similarity scoring

The basic problem here is that Pandas is very slow compared to NumPy in many operations like indexing. I rewrote this part of code: ...
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