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I agree that if scaling is used on the training data, it should also be used on the test data. However, from what I see in the pcr documentation there is not scale option in the function. This seems to be confirmed by running the code from the example in the documentation: > ...


Extra-random Trees needs a target variable, so Isolation Forest generates a random target (sklearn, solitude). At prediction time, no y values are used, and the ExtraTrees doesn't actually make a prediction; instead, the samples are propagated to the leaves and the depth is extracted (sklearn). As for the tree-building process, sklearn at least doesn't make ...


To add onto @Nicholas James Bailey's answer: tidytext provides functionality for two different main operations: text mining and text modeling. I think the text mining part of it where we tokenize, tidy and prep text data is a bit more unique. As pointed out there are several model alternatives for text data, some of which are arguably better. In terms of ...


you can print the coefficients with: coef(fm$finalModel,model No. e.g.1)

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