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how can I fix my model to accurately assess zero values?

Currently you predict a single Y scalar value, in the unit interval, for each pixel. higher emphasis on 0 values? You're describing your Loss function, and saying that in the Business Domain a ten ...
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I got 100% accuracy on my test set,is there something wrong?

Also check if one of tour predictores is a derived features from the Target variable, u can do that check-in with value_counts on ur Target and also on variables where You SEE too much similarity. You ...
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What if the votes for 2 classes are equal in an ensemble learning technique?

Technically RF in sklearn to get final prediction sums the probability values and divides by number of estimators. Refer to _accumulate_prediction function in the repo: ...
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Error while executing the adaptiverandomforest with river libraray

What version of the river package are you using? If you check the documentation, you will see that the ...
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