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What to do when test values are not correlated with predictions?

In general, you shouldn't conclude the quality of your model from scatterplot alone. It happened to me many times when I saw the scatterplot and thought that predicted~actual is really poor. In many ...
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How do I use ML models to estimate current stress level based on past data?

Yes, both these scenarios are different. Estimating Current Stress level - Your target variable here is stress level and features are heart rate and blood pressure. In order to estimate current ...
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Understand and compute confidence interval and coefficient of variation for regression model

Don't think xgbregressor is that similar to linear regression, so you might be better with understanding the latter first. You took quotes from wiki, but do you understand how it works in practice? ...
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How many features do I select when doing feature selection for regression algorithms? Is R2 and RMSE good measures of success for overfitting?

Use feature selection techniques for regression objectives. Most ML libraries have some flavor of feature selection algorithms. For example, scikit-learn is a ML and DS library in the python ...
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how to build model using two input dataset in which there is no common column to merge or combine

It looks like your problem is more suitable for optimization (operational research) techniques than machine learning algorithms. If I understood it right, you could build a model that can decide how ...
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Converting a Standard LSTM RNN over to a Transformer Model

With a bit of elastic net, dynamic gradient clipping and adjustments to the transformer model build training is progressing nicely now. Here is the build that fixed it: ...
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Can lag features be applied into test data without label?

If lagged values are not available for test data you could use model predictions iteratively to create estimated lagged values and use them as input and get results. Just be sure that you understand ...
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