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Uneven spaced time series data, any advise on how to approach?

It depends what you want to do with it later. Certainly the easiest thing would be to do interpolation of some sort and resample the time series at evenly spaced points. More complex would be to use ...
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How to check if an event affects time series

You could look into using event study methodologies, which are often used within economics and finance (for example to look at the impact of policy changes or stock market announcements). You can find ...
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Univariate time series forecasting with bimodal distribution

Consider simplifying seasonality by reducing to just 7-day totals. You have encountered a very common modeling situation where there are multiple Generating Processes out in the real world (such as ...
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Time Series Analysis and Price Elasticity

Can I ask what the logic is for dividing the log-differenced number of sales by the log-differenced moving average of price? Not saying the logic is wrong, I just haven't really seen this before. ...
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