This type of visualization is called Arrow and Range plot. You can refer here


Clearly there's no way to have the names of the drugs. Assuming the relation between the two columns is important, a scatter plot with units prescribed as X and number of patients as Y might work. You could even add the name of the drug for a few isolated points. Transparency/opacity can be used to show the dense areas. In case the relation between the ...


You might find this link useful if you are R user. https://www.r-graph-gallery.com/chord-diagram.html


There can be multiple ways, one can be - - Plot the points with hue=cluster_number - Plot the Centroid with a different markers Code for 3 Clusters on 2 Iris Features - from sklearn import datasets iris = datasets.load_iris() X = iris.data y = iris.target X=X[:,:-2] X = (X - X.mean())/X.std() def create_cluster(k=3): from sklearn.cluster import KMeans ...

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