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Python vs R for machine learning
26 votes

There is nothing like "python is better" or "R is much better than x". The only fact I know is that in the industry allots of people stick to python because that is what they learned at the ...

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What is the difference between Hadoop and noSQL
Accepted answer
16 votes

Hadoop is not a database, hadoop is an entire ecosystem. Most people will refer to mapreduce jobs while talking about hadoop. A mapreduce job splits big datasets in some little chunks of data and ...

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The data in our relational DBMS is getting big, is it the time to move to NoSQL?
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14 votes

A few gigabytes is not very "big". It's more like the normal size of an enterprise DB. As long as you go over PK when joining tables it should work out really well, even in the future (as long as you ...

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Does click frequency account for relevance?
7 votes

For my part I can say that I use click frequency on i.e. eCommerce products. When you combine it with the days of the year it can even bring you great suggestions. i.e.: We have historical data from ...

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