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I am currently managing the Ott & Busch Intelligent Solutions GmbH. In addition to management, I am also consulting high-value clients on issues of machine learning and computer vision. Previously I worked at Continental in the Advanced Driver Assistance division. My job there can be defined as making these systems work in a smart way using machine learning tools.

Previous to my work in industry, I was a PhD student at the University of Leeds. I was supervised by Mark Everingham and David Hogg at the Computer Vision Group of the School of Computing. The PhD included a half-year visit to the Center for Machine Perception at the Czech Technical University, supervised by Jiri Matas. My PhD thesis focussed, in short, on improvement of image representations, shared parts in part-based models and occlusion modeling for object detection. The thesis was awarded the 2012 Sullivan Thesis Prize.

I finished my undergraduate studies in 2008 at the Anhalt University of applied sciences (FH) in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) and the Hangzhou Dianzi University (Zhejiang, PR of China). I also worked at the Data Miners Inc. in Boston on an internship basis. There I also finished my Diploma thesis titled „Collaborative Filtering on the example of the Netflix Prize“.

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