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Dr. Athanassios I. Hatzis has been active in the field of databases and semantic web since the resurgence of the NoSQL movement (2009). He pioneered associative, semiotic, hypergraph technology and based on this he designed and implemented TRIADB self-service data management & interactive visual analytics development framework. He also founded HEALIS, to offer consultation services and training in the emerging field of data science and the use of next generation business intelligence systems and software applications.

In the past Athanassios has been a Health IT Managing Director in the Department of Neurosurgery, at Evangelismos Hospital for four years. He assured 250k€ funds in three years period for the Hellenic Neurosurgical Research Centre and he modernized the hospital clinic with a fully operational EMR, clinical decision support systems, surgical teleconferencing and out-of-hospital clinical monitoring.

Besides his business development Athanassios has a strong background in academic and scientific research. He was a research associate for a period of ten years in top UK universities and he initiated UK NHS (275k€-3years) and EC QoL FP5 (2,7M€-3years) funded research projects that were based on his PhD thesis.

He has published both in Speech Technology and Neurotechnology sectors in peer reviewed journals and conferences, he posts articles frequently in several IT blogs and social networks and he has released three open-source projects at GitHub MEDILIG EMR, Wolfram Mathematica DBAPI and TRIADB.

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