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Jeru Luke
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Currently working as a developer in the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. I have developed an interest in this field ever since I worked as an intern. I usually work with OpenCV for computer vision tasks and TensorFlow and PyTorch when it comes to Deep Learning.

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Here on SO you will find me answering questions related to OpenCV (a computer vision tool). I provide answers to the best of my ability after having solved it myself. Here is a small list of my contributions:


I would like to appreciate those who have taken the time to explain their problem statement to the community. My creativity is invigorated upon coming across these questions. I would like to thank the community for posting their questions on the site.

Some of my favorite all-time OpenCV and image processing enthusiasts:

  1. Miki
  2. Dan Masek
  3. alkasm
  4. Rayryeng
  5. nathancy
  6. fmw42
  7. Mark Setchell
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