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Christos Hadjinikolis
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An ML Engineer with a passion for problem-solving, and with a proven academic record in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

A competent programmer exposed to both dynamically (Python, Matlab) and statically typed (Java) programming languages, with commercial experience in the development of big-data pipelines using open-source cluster computing frameworks (Apache Spark, Flink, DataFlow).

A certified Apache Spark and Neo4j developer and Google Cloud Engineer.

A Graph-Analytics expert with hands-on experience in handling and statistically analysing large data sets and with a speciality in algorithm design for Monte-Carlo simulations applied on graphs.

Excellent presentation and communication skills acquired through four years of teaching in Higher Education and presenting in high-calibre conferences (both in academia as well as in the industry).

Ability to quickly adjust to new environments and productively interact with people from different (scientific) backgrounds, gained from extensive exposure to interdisciplinary work through my PhD and my role as a consultant over the last 3 years.

I also lead the Apache Flink Meetup community in London.

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