Manabu Tokunaga

I am a medical imaging software developer and also an entrepreneur in the "valley", I came to US from Osaka, Japan when I was 18 and I've been here since then.

These days, I code mostly in Java/Scala for the back-end and TypeScript in the front end with occasional iOS. I still do a quite a bit of C# work. I think that the functional approach has been really interesting and learning about different programming languages.

I think that;

  • C# is great, stable, well documented and really powerful with LINQ and wish all other languages had it.

  • Scala is slick once you got the time to learn it. It definitely feels more natural if you come from C#, also seems to have a lot of commonalities with Swift, for example how Swift uses the _ for a default or a placeholder.

  • Java is great as I can make my stuff run on both Mac and PC. But it is starting to show its age even with Java 8. I suggest you try Kotlin or Scala, and it ecosystem is so complex with so many choices of things to do the same thing (e.g., Spring vs. Guice). This makes working in open source code difficult and I have to learn other frameworks or styles pretty much most of the times. This is not quite so in C# and I am waiting the momentum Mono gets.

  • JavaScript is great, especially with TypeScript. It makes my life easier when I am used to typed language like the ones all above. You can also do similar coding function and closure-based coding patterns between Scala and TypeScript.

I have been involved in DICOM protocol for a long time so that's where I can help a lot of people.

I love surfing and playing Jazz piano on my spare time (if there is any left.)

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