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I'm a freelance web developer. I do mostly frontend development with Javascript (Vue.js or React, some full-stack) these days and I like the agile method. I am studying some AI/ Machine Learning at Coursera.

Currently freelancing as lead/senior frontend developer for Vodafone (Cologne, Germany). I mainly build prototypes (Vue.js Single Page App/ JAMstack/ Micro-Frontend) and A/B tests.

Previously freelanced at 1&1 Telecommunications in Karlsruhe, Germany. Before that I've been working freelance as a Mobile Web App Developer for SapientNitro also in Cologne, Germany. I ran my own SaaS (web-based CMS for travel agencies) for circa 10 years. Supported edX / BerkeleyX's CS169-1.x as a World Teaching Assistant. Studied Coursera's Stanford Startup Engineering and many more Computer Science MOOCs. I was mentor in Coursera's "Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJS" course by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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