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Does ridge regression always reduce coefficients by equal proportions?
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As I know we have below equation for Ridge Regression: \begin{equation} RSS_{Ridge} = \Sigma_{i=1}^{n} (\hat{y}_{i} - y_{i})^2 - \lambda \Sigma_{j=1}^{p}(\beta^2) \end{equation} First of all, it ...

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how to create a searchable tree on Persian text?
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Finally, I've found this answer with tire tree, but I wonder if you have better option: readindg data: #readindg stopword data stopwords = pd.read_csv('STOPWORDS',header=None) tire tree: #creating ...

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Image classification model only predicting one class
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You have 1760 samples and you are using a pre-trained model with 12 epochs which has 20,815,148 trainable params. So, do not use the F-35 fighter to kill a mosquito. You better use a simpler model ...

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